019759 area code

019759 is the area code for the Alford (Aberdeen) area in the Aberdeenshire region.

The majority of numbers utilizing the 019759 area code are regular Alford (Aberdeen) landlines, however it should be noted that this might be misleading. Many businesses don’t provide a service that is connected or requires a physical address, but if they have a phone number, they have an area code.

Areas using 019759 telephone numbers:

  • Bridge of Alford
  • Keig
  • Leslie
  • Tillyfour
  • Tough
  • Tullynessle
  • Whitehouse
019759 area dialling code information
Region Aberdeenshire (Scotland)
Number format 01975 9XX XXX
Local number digits 5
Location Alford (Aberdeen)
International number format +44 1975 9XX XXX
Geo 57.23257 ,-2.70298

Call cost: landline connection fee depends on your service provider.