012298 area code

012298 is the area code for the Barrow-in-Furness area in the Cumbria region. The 12298 region includes places like: Barrow in Furness, Dalton in Furness, among others.

The majority of numbers utilizing the 012298 area code are regular Barrow-in-Furness landlines, however it should be noted that this might be misleading. Many businesses don’t provide a service that is connected or requires a physical address, but if they have a phone number, they have an area code.

Areas using 012298 telephone numbers:

  • Barrow in Furness
  • Dalton in Furness
  • Gleaston
  • Leece
  • Roose
  • Vickerstown
012298 area dialling code information
Region Cumbria (England)
Number format 01229 8XX XXX
Local number digits 5
Location Barrow-in-Furness
International number format +44 1229 8XX XXX
Geo 54.12885 ,-3.22326

Call cost: landline connection fee depends on your service provider.